Sweetie’s Italian Ice

Greetings and welcome back Spring!!!

Sweetie’s Italian Ice would like to say hello to the good people of the South Florida communities.  Sweetie’s Italian Ice a delicious frozen treat for children and people of all ages.

In celebration of the warm months ahead, you’re invited to try all the yummy flavors to tickle your taste buds.  We have fruity flavors of all kinds, lemon, cherry, mango; we have fun quirky flavors, bubble gum, rainbow, & root beer.

What’s your fancy?  Are you a true chocoholic?  Check out the specialty menu if you dare.

Sugar free flavors are offered like key lime, cool, refreshing, zesty and sophisticated.  It’s so good one night I ate a half pint, just couldn’t stop once I got started.  Strawberry can be made to order and sweetened with just the sugars in the berries. Yummy, I want one now !

Sweetie’s Italian Ice strongly believes in serving the youth, and various local community initiatives that enhance our neighborhoods.

We service youth programs, summer camps, fund raisers, sporting events, promotional events, festivals, and street fairs.

Sweetie’s Italian Ice putting a smile on your face.

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